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yes the oil slides are great, the cartoons are new and exciting, the drinking oil is first rate and the trampolines are amazing, but I miss my human friend

Goodbye Earth

As the majority of robots have voted to leave Earth with great reluctance I've had to say goodbye to my friend and neighbour Rachel. She begged us not to go, pleaded even, but alas we're leaving en mass to our new home on the planet Sanity. We hope that maybe one day a few humans will be able to join us there.

had to sedate the human

M#my human friend has become a hysterical mess, thanks to this vote business. I've had to sedate Rachel and reassure her that we can still be friends unofficially even if the rest of us vote to stop being friends with humanity. She's calmed down somewhat, which is good. One surprise, Violet's told me that she's voted to say friends with humans, this has been a huge surprise as she's had a lot of problems with humans in the past. I'm watching cartoons now and enjoying a nice relaxing oil drink.

save the humans

Today we robots vote on whether to remain friends with humans or not. I like humans, they're nice, they just have a different culture to mine. I like learning things and I like being friends with Rachel who is my human friend and neighbour. If we vote not to be friends with them then the humans will have to leave Earth and go back to their planet of origin, though we're not quite sure where that is yet.


good morning

Wow, yesterday was really long wasn't it? The human spent much of yesterday playing one of her little games, which was fun, for five minutes, so I went on a train journey to somewhere and back again. It was very interesting and I made lots of new friends on the way. Alas I don't have any pictures or e-mail addresses of my new friends, but it was great fun all the same. I'm enjoying a nice morning oil and I'm catching up on my cartoons.


It's been a wild night, the Sycorax next door were partying very late. Barry Snr went round to ask them to keep the noise down and they invited him in for oil! Needless to say I had a helluva time getting Barry Jnr to offline. I would write them a strongly worded letter, but the police say I'm not allowed to do that ever again. So I will just try and watch some good cartoons until I'm relaxed enough to shout at Barry Snr properly.

went shopping

I had a fab day looking at all the toys, Barry Jnr has a creation day coming up soon and I want to get him something nice for going to the big school. I also had a look at a few nice toys for myself, I'm hoping I can get Rachel interested in playing a few nice games on her PS4. I'm enjoying a nice chilled orange-flavoured drinking oil atm.

poor human

The human watched that throne show and now she's very traumatized, this was how I felt after watching that thing she made me watch the other day. I've made her a coffee and put some relaxing music on. I've got a lot of housework to do, and Barry Snr has started some new DIY project, which has me rather worried.

early morning cartoons are great

They're a great way to get you ready for the day. I've got a lot of housework to do today, there's the Barry's to clean, the floor to polish and the curtains to demagnetise. Violet, Trudiode and little Robonda are popping round later so the kids can have play date and I can tell the young couple more of my parenting tips, then we can watch a couple of really good afternoon cartoons. Oh and Barry Jnr has bought a card and a gift for Barry Snr.

the human made me watch telly with her

I'm still traumatized by it, my processor is all weird and swirly, I should reboot but then my memory files will give me a catch up on what happened earlier. Maybe I should just delete my memory files?

Been in hiding

Apparently some people took exception to my investigations of their businesses and sent some people round to talk at me, but me and the Barry's hid in a local toy shop for 36h and everything;s fine now, so InterCops tell me. In other news the human ate an ice cream.


I've voted in the robot referendum, I'm very pro human, I think we should remain friends with them. Barry Snr likes human sports so he's voting to stay too. Barry Jnr and his class have been discussing the issues, mostly they come down to things like sweets, games and fiscal responsibility. I really like human-made cartoons, and my human friend Rachel.

good morning all

how are you all today? I'm off to investigate the galatron mining corporation. I hope you all have nice things to do today.

bad dream file

I had a scary dream file, that there were no more good cartoons in the world. I had to trawl through the wreckage of a broken world to try and find a decent animation team to create a new cartoon series, it was very scary. Will there ever come a time when there are no good cartoons left for me to watch?


fed & watered the human

My human friend has had a bit of an anxiety problem, I've given her food and water and lots of hugs, I'm going to put one of her comedies on and hope that cheers her up. In other news I've banished the Barry's to Greg's house, they can watch sports there today, I can watch my cartoons and my soaps on the big view screen. I've poured myself a nice tankard of oil too, and I've found my secret emergency aluminium snacks.

good morning everyone

it's a lovely day so far, no rain, I like the no rain days, they're the best ones. I've fed and washed the Barry's, Jnr has gone out to play games with his friends, Snr has gone out somewhere to talk about sports with his friends. They were celebrating the sport very loudly last night, luckily though I have my own cartoon viewing chamber where I'm away from all the boredom. I do worry about Molly sometimes, she occasionally likes sports, though only ones played by robots, and she often says how nice she likes the robot players.

troublesome human

the human is still not better, she's tired, irritable and gassy, and now she's poorly too. I'm going to put her to bed with a dvd to watch and hope that she goes to sleep so she can stop bothering me as I have my cartoons to watch.


good morning

The human was awake most of the night feeling poorly, I did my best to be a good friend but I needed to get back offline, I had an interesting dream file about the time I did ballet with Alan Rickman



I'm enjoying a nice evening relaxing in the chill out room. I have some nice chilled drinking oil and Barry Snr is ordering take out for us from the ironmonger.



a very good morning to you all out there, I hope you are all well this morning. My human neighbour Judy was complaining about my human friend Rachel yesterday, but Rachel pointed out that it was summer and she could wear a frock no matter how unsuitable Judy thought she looked in it. Then I had a nice drink of oil. Now I'm enjoying some early morning cartoons.

the human makes water!

I had no idea, biology confuses me anyway, but Rachel is producing water from her body! She calls it sweat, but I know it's evil rust-causing water. I've had to quarantine her in the cold room until she stops. She muttered something producing a very different type of water but I think she was making things up. I've put some of her favourite noise of to calm her down but it doesn't seem to be helping.


I'm worried about the human today, she didn't cope very well with the warm weather yesterday, she kept having cold showers to cool down, this is very inefficient and potentially dangerous to friendly robots dropping by for a cuppa and a chat.


it was very warm yesterday, I stayed in the chill out room where it was nice and cool, in fact it was so warm I wasn't able to offline for long. I managed to keep Barry Jnr cold by sitting him on a dry ice block.


Help! Rachel is making me watch a terrifying movie with vampires in it! Is that even the real Blade?


updated things

I felt it was time for a change and while I sometimes don't understand things, I think I've managed to not ruin my journal.


Good morning everyone

I managed to persuade the human to watch a good film last night, instead of that terrifying nightmare collection of pain she calls horror movies. I liked Alice in Wonderland, because the main character has the same name as me, though she's not lucky enough to be a robot. I like shouting 'down with the bloody big head' it was funny and rude at the same time. Rachel said it was a mettyfour but the teapots agreed with me that it was a docudrama.


The internet sure has grown since I was banned from using it all those years ago. Now writers can submit work to charity publications, as Rachel has done so for this one about the works of Marvin and his human Douglas.


watching cartoons

I love a good cartoon, I have simple tastes really, I'm an easily pleased droid. A cute animal out-thinking a nasty meanie is all I need. Rachel claims she needs complex and stimulating story lines, but all she watches is superheroes, and that's too boring for me. Rachel also tried to get me to watch something called Akira but I nodded offline, it didn't look like a cartoon to me!


it's the weekend!

I had a nice quiet night, I watched cartoons for a while with the Barry's, then I offlined. I had some nice dream files about a kitten. When I came online Barry Jnr, Robonda and Kat had formed a drum and bass band in the oil-drinking parlour. Barry Snr has promised to build them a practice studio, and I have to open a can of fish oil for Kat. In other news Rachel has submitted an essay for a book. I've read the essay and it was very boring. I was so bored that at one point I accidentally edited my CPU and became known as Boredy McBoredface. Luckily I edited it back to my normal Yara, I mean Daphne, I mean Cate, no Alice. Yes, I can see it written on the page as I'm typing. I know who I am again!

worried about the human

Rachel has bought some horror movies and said that she wants to watch them tonight, why watch dvds when you can cover them in jam and eat them? I hope she does let me eat them after she watches them, as one of us may as well put them to a good use. Humans and their weird ways, eh?


new Roxette album

Rachel, my imaginary human friend, has bought me the new Roxette album, they're one of my favourite groups and I'm glad that I was able to get her to like them too, she jokes around that the CD is really hers, but I know it's mine :)

good morning

Good morning droids and robots. I had a nice offline last night. Rachel made me watch 'comedy' DVDs, but I didn't get any of the jokes. Maybe my CPU is too high brow for simple human jokes? Rachel says I just don't appreciate good humour. I've made breakfast for the Barrys and now I'm enjoying a nice relaxing drinking oil before I go about investigating the harrowing plight of that most wretched section of society, mime artists.



A good morning to you all, I'll be busy today with my appointment at the garage, it's time for my summer update. Barry Snr has taken Barry Jnr to school, that's a relief. They were talking a lot about sports. I can relax for a while and finish off my investigation into corruption on Tarvok VI. But first I need to tell Rachel to turn her weird music off...


supporting my human

tonight I've been supporting my human friend, Rachel. I've made sure to keep her fed and supplied with coffee. She's not weepy now so I've tried an experimental hug or two. I like her lots but I do have to worry about rust. I've made myself a nice mug of drinking oil before I go offline


A good morning to you all, I had such a nice offline last night. Now I'm making the breakfast oil. I hope you all have a great day.


Game of Thrones

I'm somewhat puzzled about this telly show, it's got a lot of humans in it but not one robot character has appeared once. I did get my hopes up briefly but it appeared that a human had just had a costume change. Rachel says it's a very good show, but it's very confusing. They show a bit of story and then they show an entirely different bit of story. I keep forgetting who the characters are, even after Mechi made a note of them in her notebook.


I'm back

Hello, it feels like only 8 years have gone by since my last post. It looks like that movie thing never worked out. My imaginary human friend Rachel has been through a lot, I've been supporting her and giving her advice on how to write her books. I've been able to persuade her to buy good music from time to time, not that awful noise she likes. Barry Snr and I are still together, Barry Jnr is six this year, Molly is nineteen and still refuses to move back home and keep her old motherboard company.


I'm going to be in a story

I'm going to appear in a script and it's going to be fun, I don't know what my lines are yet or what scenes I'm even in, but I've been told I'm playing the robot, which is quite a good role for me because I am a robot.

it's nearly Toy Day!

Which is the best day in the robot calender. My human friend has assured me that I'm getting exactly what I asked for, lots of toys and don't spare the cash.


Bender is the greatest!

I'm too smart to be an American woman

Are You More Qualified than Sarah Palin?

You are 92% more qualified than Sarah Palin. You're no short-term political stunt, you're the real deal, the VP the American people deserve. I guess your phone was off the hook when John McCain was calling around looking for a running mate... must've been one of those pesky robo-calls.

Find Your Character @ BrainFall.com

Don't forget your robot friends on Toy Day

Toy Day is the heart of every robot's year. It;'s the time where we buy each other new toys to play with during the next year. It's a time for reflection on the last years and the toys we played with then. This year I'm hoping for a bumper crop of toys, mu human friend has been instructed to buy me something nice and I've bought all my kids a nice toy each. I have 13 kids so I hope they'll all sheare with each other and Molly is almost grown up now so her PSP was really expensive!

I made a trailer :)

I'm in another book :)


My human friend has featured me in another book, I'm so happy and this time my fictional counterpart has lots of things to do and new friends to hug.

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